iRex Graphic: PCB, Sub- & System-Level Assemblies

Arctos Assembly Group

Backed by a highly-skilled staff with expertise in assemblies for a multitude of industries, iRex’s Arctos Assembly Group (AAG) provides full contract manufacturing services for sub-assembly and final assembly solutions while specializing in supply chain management and custom integration. Combining a global footprint with highly-responsive manufacturing operations, iRex AAG delivers a vertically-integrated product solution, a focus on enhancing customer satisfaction, fast-track engineered prototyping for time-to-market sensitive products, and a global supply chain for the highest quality and most cost-efficient solution. By combining the abilities to perform Part-Sourcing, PCB Assembly, Sub-Assembly and System Assembly, iRex AAG can:

  • Support for your products’ manufacturing needs from design and development to full production
  • Build any product type, size or level of complexity
  • Show proven capability to be your entire back-end operations: project management, supply chain management, prototyping, production, test, product reliability, burn-in, support, and warehousing
  • Provide after-market services such as warranty repair and end-of-life product management

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About iRex

iRex is a recognized industry leader in supplying contract manufacturing services for custom cables, system integration and electronic sub-assemblies. In today’s competitive global market, iRex understands the importance of providing globally competitive products as well as services and utilizes manufacturing facilities in the United States, China and Vietnam to meet those demands. iRex is composed of two groups providing custom cable (Custom Cable Group) and advanced assembly services (Arctos Assembly Group) to leading technology producers worldwide.