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Eagle Insights: Wire Processing

Quality production practices are crucial for any manufacturer to stay ahead in today’s world. This includes custom cable manufacturers. As products grow more complex and tolerances become more restrictive – requiring customized cables as well as wire harnesses, the importance of efficient and effective production processes can play a major role in whether a project succeeds or fails. For a cable manufacturer, it all begins with wire processing. By combining expert craftsmen with automated machinery at this early stage, premium cable manufacturers gain a competitive advantage by being able to produce products with the highest quality at best possible price for their clients.

iRex is just such a manufacturer. Our Custom Cable Group’s expert staff and first-class wire processing equipment allows us to provide customers with the highest-quality and most reliable cables for their diverse projects. The following wire processing equipment is used by our team to not only deliver these quality cables at precise tolerances, but also pass along time efficiencies and cost savings to our customers.

Schleuniger PowerStrip 9500

  • Provides precise and repeatable stripping quality, high-processing speed, great stripping and cutting force, and an almost unlimited range of processing possibilities.

Schleuniger MultiStrip 9480

  • Yields high production output, high dynamic transport speed, minimized changeover times, and unmatched versatility.

PreFeeder 2200

  • Features high-speed, wide belts; large accumulation capacity; simple controls; and an ergonomic panel height for easy operation.
iRex Photo: Schleuniger PowerStrip 9500

Schleuniger PowerStrip 9500

For more information on this topic or how iRex can assist you with your wire processing as well as custom cable needs, please feel free to reach out to us by utilizing our contact us form.

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iRex is a recognized industry leader in supplying contract manufacturing services for custom cables, system integration and electronic sub-assemblies. In today’s competitive global market, iRex understands the importance of providing globally competitive products as well as services and utilizes manufacturing facilities in the United States, China and Vietnam to meet those demands. iRex is composed of two groups providing custom cable (Custom Cable Group) and advanced assembly services (Arctos Assembly Group) to leading technology producers worldwide.