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Computer / Network Cabling

iRex’s Custom Cable Group (CCG) started in the contract manufacturing business with a large influence from the Computer & Networking Industry. It made sense since we are headquartered in Texas along with (at the time) the two largest PC manufacturers in the world! Today, the market dictates the majority of PC and Networking cables are built off shore in low cost labor centers. The good news is, even though they are not built domestically, we can still support those markets. Our Asia partners have multiple facilities in China, Vietnam and Taiwan to support the types of cables used in the PC and Networking market.

  • Peripherals
  • Internal & External Coil Cord
  • Retractable Cable Assemblies
  • Bar Code Scanner Cables
  • Audio Controlled Data Collection Systems
  • Hand-Held Reader Cables
  • Patch Cables
  • Category Cables
  • Off the Shelf Cables

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About iRex

iRex is a recognized industry leader in supplying contract manufacturing services for custom cables, system integration and electronic sub-assemblies. In today’s competitive global market, iRex understands the importance of providing globally competitive products as well as services and utilizes manufacturing facilities in the United States, China and Vietnam to meet those demands. iRex is composed of two groups providing custom cable (Custom Cable Group) and advanced assembly services (Arctos Assembly Group) to leading technology producers worldwide.