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Multimedia / AV Cabling

Today’s Multimedia devices are faster and more intense than ever!  They hold more data and process it at speeds we used to only just dream about. As your customers will tell you, they need the music and graphics on their devices to be clear, strong and sharp.  Whether it’s a large projection system intended for expansive audiences or a sole individual enjoying their home entertainment theater and/or studio, iRex’s Custom Cable Group (CCG) can both develop and produce the cable assemblies that make up your product. Our expert staff can also assist in the selection of the ideal alloys to use on your interconnects in order to ensure your product will run as expected and keep your customers happy.

  • High-Resolution Applications
  • Low-Loss Applications
  • Versatile & High-Performance Assemblies
  • Composite & Coaxial Configurations
  • RF Cables
  • Semirigid Coaxial Cable Assemblies
  • Antenna Cables
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About iRex

iRex is a recognized industry leader in supplying contract manufacturing services for custom cables, system integration and electronic sub-assemblies. In today’s competitive global market, iRex understands the importance of providing globally competitive products as well as services and utilizes manufacturing facilities in the United States, China and Vietnam to meet those demands. iRex is composed of two groups providing custom cable (Custom Cable Group) and advanced assembly services (Arctos Assembly Group) to leading technology producers worldwide.