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Eagle Insights: Wire Harnesses

Formed by combining a number of cables/wires into one integrated grouping, wire harnesses are a key component in the quality production of a wide array of electronic products. Specifically designed to efficiently transmit signals or electrical power from one point to another, wire harnesses play a critical role in connecting various components, and, as a result, are found in just about anything that moves. Additionally, it is the wire harness, which simplifies while increasing both efficiency and quality in production processes, that is vital in keeping your electronics or equipment running consistently over time.

Engineers will design wire harnesses to meet a product’s specific functional needs before that design is transferred to a detailed production board (see video at right). An expert production team will then assemble the wire harness to specification. The resulting harness will then provide space optimization and protection against harsh environmental factors in the product in which it is placed. The key to producing quality wire harnesses is being able to combine expert design services with skilled workmanship and extensive tooling capabilities.

While finding their use in a wide range of industries, including electrical, automotive and medical, wire harnesses are also used extensively in the field of oil and gas. A few examples of oil and gas applications that require wire harnesses are pump equipment, land based and/or offshore drilling systems, and pipeline management controls.

Some of the key advantages of utilizing wire harnesses include:

  • Improves Safety – The bundling of the cables/wires into a harness makes the individual components more secure against the harsh effects of vibrations, moisture and abrasions. The structure of the harness also allows for space optimization and serves as a protective shield for components.
  • Simplifies Installation – By integrating all the cables/wires into one solid unit, wire harnesses allow for a one-time installation process versus installing multiple loose cables/wires individually. The result is installation time savings and cost efficiency.
  • Customization – The combination of cables/wires into one cohesive unit allows for customized product needs to be met regarding electrical signal and power distribution.

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