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IRX Graphic Website Eagle Insights Tooling Capabilities

Eagle Insights: Cable Tooling

When it comes to quality cable manufacturing, using the right tool for a particular application ensures the job gets done faster and more efficiently. One of the things that sets us apart at iRex is the extensive tooling capabilities we have. We maintain a vast array of tooling equipment from automated machines to applicators, die […]

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IRX Graphic Website Eagle Insights Eye Of The Eagle

Eagle Insights: Come Soar With iRex

With its keen eyesight and soaring ability, the eagle has long been a symbol of courage, strength and hope throughout time. Being such a revered emblem, it is easy to see why iRex chose it as its moniker back in January of 1995. For more than two decades, the eye of the eagle has watched […]

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IRX Graphic Website Eagle Insights Battery

Eagle Insights: The Next Day Solution

In this Eagle Insight, we take a look at a case study featuring a manufacturing company with a challenge involving battery overcharging seeking a time and cost-efficient cabling solution.

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IRX Graphic Website Eagle Insights Tour

Eagle Insights: A Bird’s-Eye View of iRex

In a fiercely competitive cable manufacturing market, it’s essential for any manufacturer to maintain both the resources and the technical expertise to meet its customer’s demands. New technologies are emerging all the time, and cabling processes are becoming increasingly complex. Come see how iRex is leading the industry with expert engineering, innovative processes, and a […]

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iRex Lean Manufacturing

Eagle Insights: Lean Manufacturing

Changes in manufacturing are increasingly placing pressure on businesses to improve the efficiency of their operations on daily basis. In order to meet these demands and find success, businesses have adopted a wide array of efficiency methods, including lean manufacturing, just-in-time manufacturing and Kanban. While these practices have been given different names by various companies, […]

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IRX Cable Testing

Eagle Insights: Cable Testing

In this latest Eagle Insight, we take a closer look at the process and importance of cable testing when it comes to the overall manufacturing process. Check out the equipment spotlight video below as well as our detailed write up to gain a behind the scenes look at cable testing.  

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IRex Cable Production

Eagle Insights: Cable Production

In today’s highly-competitive cable manufacturing market, it is important for customers to select a cable house with the proper tooling and production capabilities to not only meet the scope of their projects, but also stay in front of the competition. As part of our ongoing Eagle Insights series, we recently sat down with iRex’s Senior Sales Executive, John Sansoucy to discuss the key factors of what to look for in a cable manufacturer when it comes to their cable production area.

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IRX Graphic Website Bright Ideas Case Study Aerospace

Bright Ideas: Specialized Aerospace Assemblies

Bright Ideas is the TyRex Family’s New Evolutionary Technology Thinking program designed to create “Innovative Marketing Initiatives” that will develop into Expanding Markets with “Competitive Co-Market Positioning” utilizing our newest tool, 3D Printing. The program has enabled our family of companies to reduce time with large cost savings through quick-turn prototypes, time-efficient jigs and fixtures, […]

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IRX Graphic Website Eagle Insights Wire Harnesses

Eagle Insights: Wire Harnesses

Formed by combining a number of cables/wires into one integrated grouping, wire harnesses are a key component in the quality production of a wide array of electronic products. Specifically designed to efficiently transmit signals or electrical power from one point to another, wire harnesses play a critical role in connecting various components, and, as a […]

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IRX Graphic Website Eagle Insights Wire Processing

Eagle Insights: Wire Processing

Quality production practices are crucial for any manufacturer to stay ahead in today’s world. This includes custom cable manufacturers. As products grow more complex and tolerances become more restrictive – requiring customized cables as well as wire harnesses, the importance of efficient and effective production processes can play a major role in whether a project […]

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